Based out of Columbus, Ohio, Giovanni Furio and Zack Kelly work together to help companies process information and deal with data in faster, more efficient ways. 

Zack has made long strides in the automation world with a background in Mechanical Engineering.He specializes in 3D modeling; utilizing software to harness efficiency. His experience has allowed for automation to be used in the most effective way for tasks ranging from the ordinary to the most complex. For Zack, it does not matter what his ability is in the presen t, he always strives for a better method to ensure the job is done in a way to make things simpler in the future. The tools used for these tasks are an extension of his mind. Every idea that is conveyed makes for an intuitive representation of what is easily accomplished when thoughts are converted into a process. This same mindset is used when contemplating tasks requiring unnecessary, repetitive steps. Zack questions the processes already in place when others do not. Creating a better way will always be his priority even when the majority settles on a system that has never been updated. What motivates Zack? Simplicity and efficiency achieved to the highest extent. He brings teams together to make things happen and to that we say "Good Job, Zack!"



Giovanni loves to automate. Ever since I've known him, he's been making these super complex Excel documents that bring together all this knowledge and incorporate many functions. He has a comprehensive knowledge of the program and it shows in his all-encompassing data analysis tools. He's brought this knowledge and work ethic to other aspects of automation as well. Whether it is a weekend woodworking project or a big sheet that documents his spending habits and how that plays into his mortgage bills; if he's going to be doing it more than once and it's time consuming, it'll be automated. He's done so much that he can often use his previous modular designs for new work as well. It adds to the incredible efficiency that he brings to the table



The combined skills of these two can conquer an array of automation tasks that not only save you money and time, they also provide a large benefit beyond the dollar.

With their systems, you can reduce your workload, increase staff efficiency and reduce the amount of knowledge associates will need to have. You will have more accurate information, better data collection, and the knowledge that these solutions are easing the process for the entire flow of data. This kind of benefit cannot be quantified by dollar value alone.

Want peace of mind and more money to invest? Sounds like you just found your solution.