Gio Talks Makers


I like Makers.

I live vicariously through the people who create videos and post them and I usually watch them on YouTube. These people are very creative and also handy in a sense that they can work very well with their hands or the tools they have.

It is cool to see problems that they have and the solutions they come up with in order to solve those problems. In all cases, it is a creation of some sort that is innovative and inventive to say the least. Sometimes, it’s not a problem they have to solve, but more of a creative passion they express in all sorts of media—wood, metal, plastics, fabrics, leather, etc.

I really enjoy watching the creation process, while keeping in mind that these people are also videographers, too! I mean, you would not watch a poorly created video time after time from the same person. It is alarming to realize how much time they put into a video that is 10 minutes long in some cases, but it still grabs your attention enough to keep you engaged for its entirety.

Some of my favorites are mostly sped up processes of a build where there isn’t even narration. You can grasp the concept and the steps in the process just by watching the footage.

So I plan on commenting on some of the Makers I have begun to follow because truly enjoy watching as they work. 

Pantorouter - Wood Carving Power Tool

He built his own Pantorouter in this video.

This essentially is a router that is mounted on its side and moved with an armature (pantograph) which follows a template to control the movements very specifically. Basically, everything except for the router is hand built with common tools and made out of wood with some hardware exceptions.

It’s pretty impressive and he does this over a series of videos.

Hammer Mod

In this video, he makes a regular hammer into a custom tool.

This case is rare since he is actually using a brand new hammer as the feature item, but just like most of the things in his shop, he has to put his own twist on it.

I like how he shoots his videos and gets strait to the point. There is definitely a time and place for narration.

Stair build from beams

In this video, his new shop that he built on his property is in need of a staircase. Since his shop used to be an indoor pool, the floor is below grade.

I really enjoy his outlook on how to solve this problem. I think I would have made it way more complicated. He makes a stocky staircase that does the job.

His camera work is evident in this video as if he has had some professional experience. He even gets a shot inside of his Planer! It makes his stuff so fun to watch.

I think that He would be a really cool guy to work with and just be around since he seems to have such a warm, inviting feel to his persona and work ethic.

This project, even though it was very simple, still requires more time and effort than one would think. Most projects do and it is nice to see someone admit that from time to time. It makes it easier to try and tackle your own projects.