Simplifying Automation

Automation is Simple

Automation is often overblown into some grandiose, world changing technology that affects everyone around the world, or will. 

Much of the time, it's just some simple solution to a problem that people are afraid to tackle. 

Over time, it's possible for a series of these changes to revolutionize the workplace and make everyone more effective workers. Then, looking back at everything that's changed, it looks like a lot. 

But that's every job.

How many times have you said, "well, we used to do things this way", or "when I first started.."? Times change, workflows change, people's fundamental jobs change; hopefully for the better. 

All these changes happen with a first step. 

Automating your first task is often very easy. For me, I was sick of going through this long, annoying process every time I wanted to capture a screen in the 3D modeling program I was using. After some effort, I was able to reduce that 2 minute process down to a single Alt+W. Once complete, I shared this with the department. 

After figuring out that I could reduce so much work, I wanted to touch other aspects of my job. I soon figured out that I could affect entire 3D models. I began building automated design scripts that would make entire 3D models from a simple set of inputs. 

This is only my direct experience with automation and realizing the power it held.

Automation will change the world one industry at a time, we just need to take that first step.

So, learn that first little bit of code and reduce your workload by creating something new.